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What make us different from other dog boarding facilities is our friendly and well trained specialists!

two dogs sitting in front of a houseDo you need the help of a reliable pet sitter when you are away from your beloved animal? Or maybe you want to find a reputable kennel to house your dog for a few days? If you do, Adorable Pet Lodge is the place for you. Located in Seattle, WA, we are one of the preferred establishments for a pet sitting service. We have been working in this field since 1970, and that makes us one of the most experienced professionals in Seattle, WA. With us, you will acquire the expertise of our qualified and caring pet sitters. They will meet your expectations, and you will be completely satisfied with the service they provide.

Our qualified professionals are experts in taking care of all kinds of pets, in a manner that provides your furry friends with comfort, joy and love. Turn to us for a pet boarding service that will satisfy all of your pet’s needs in a professional way. With our service, your furry friends will not have a hard time while you are away. We also specialize in providing a dog day care service that is better than any other.

Adorable Pet Lodge
Address: 1043 S 140th St Seattle, WA 98168
Phone: (206) 242-7480

Happy dog in a dog day care centerDogs are considered man’s best friend, and dog owners know why this is so. We, at Adorable Pet Lodge, realize how much you love your canine friend, and that is why we are dedicated to offering you a dog day care service that will satisfy their every need. Our experienced employees have taken care of dogs for many years, and they are very capable of providing yours with a good time. You can also turn to us for reliable dog boarding. Our kennel is a comfortable place, where your dog can spend several carefree days while you are away. Choosing our dog boarding service is the easiest way to take care for you beloved pet when you are away.Do not hesitate to leave your pet with us, and make use of the dog boarding we offer.

Comfortable Kennels for Your Dog

When it comes to pet boarding and daily care, we are the company that sets the standards for the competition. Our vast experience in this line of work makes us the perfect choice for anyone who wants to rely on qualified professionals who possess the necessary skills to deliver a comfortable service. Not every pet sitter can offer you the quality and professional expertise we can provide. So, do not risk it with amateurs, and turn to the true professionals that we are.

We are a reliable and caring pet sitter just a phone call away!

Dog playing with a ball in a pet sitting facilityOur reliable services come at competitive rates that make them affordable for those who want to acquire the expertise of gentle and loving pet sitters. With us, your pets will receive a perfect environment, wide playground and the company of our employees. We want to provide comfort and entertainment for your pet, as well as other services for your consideration. Our knowledge and experience can guarantee your pets a joyful stay. We also offer convenient discounts for seniors. Call us to know more, and you will be pleasantly surprised with our terms.

Get in touch with us now at (206) 242-7480

Located in Seattle, WA, Adorable Pet Lodge is the place where you can safely leave your pet for the time you are unavailable. Contact us on (206) 242-7480 to make sure your dog is in our employees’ reliable hands!

by Matt McMillin on Adorable Pet Lodge

This place is awesome. They know your pet, respect them and you. I highly recommend this business.
My dog is always happy to visit and is well cared for.

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