How to Pamper Your Dog During the Holiday Season

Is a Dog Day Care a Good Solution When You Really Want to Spoil Your Pet While You Are on Holiday


 Dog Day Care Seattle, WAThe holidays are coming and you have probably already started planning a vacation? But what to do with your dog over the holidays? Should you travel together or it’s a better idea to leave it at a dog day care facility. Read on and find the answers on how to pamper your dog as well as yourself without being stressed out around the most wonderful time of the year. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Puppy

Kennel Service Providers Know Best That Being a Dog Owner Is a Huge Responsibility


 Kennel Service Seattle, WAYou love to be surrounded by animals and you totally adore dogs? You have always wanted to get one as a pet but your parents did not allow you to? You believe that the right time for you to become a proud dog owner has come? But which breed to choose? And is that really important? The team of Adorable Pet Lodge will help you answer the last 2 questions in the following post, so that you can make the right decision and avoid any pet-related problems. As a kennel service provider for so many years we know well the specifications of every breed and would like to share some tips with you. Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Dog between the Appointments at the Pet Groomer

 Dog Boarding Seattle, WAOur Dog Boarding Specialists Know What’s Needed to Comfort Your Pet When Its Fur Is Growing

If you love your four-legged friends and you want to make sure that they feel comfortable all year long, you already know that dog grooming is not enough to achieve that. In this post, you will find helpful information by a dog boarding specialists concerning the things you can do for your pet between those regular grooming appointments. Continue reading

A Professional That Can Take Good Care of Your Pets

Positive Traits of a Pet Sitter


 Pet Sitter Seattle, WA, Our pets are one of our stress and frustration relievers, which is why we like to bring them on our trips. Unfortunately, there are times that they will be left all alone in our house. Your pet can still get the same care you gave them by hiring a pet sitter. This is an individual who has a great passion and love for pets. Hire a trustworthy professional that possess the following quality traits.

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Has Your Child Started to Ask for a Pet?

Pet Day Care Tips on First Pets for Children

Pet Day CareMany people ask our pet day care handlers, what would be a good first pet for a child. Very young children do not always respect the safety of a pet, and could unwittingly harm their pet. Sometimes having a pet already in the house, such as a cat or dog, before a child comes, or getting a pet when a child is an infant is a better way to introduce pets, than waiting until a child is older.

You should also consider pets do have a shorter life span than people, often much shorter. Which means you are introducing your child to dealing with the concept of death, maybe sooner than is necessary. Many children’s first experience with the concept of death is through the death of a first pet; which means you need to choose a pet that has a long life span, so you child is better prepared to deal with the situation when it arises.

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Entrust Your Dogs in Our Care

Why a Dog Kennel Service Is Important

Have you ever you wanted to go on a vacation but couldn’t because you have a dog? No problem! Thanks to a dog kennel service, your long awaited vacation can become a reality. Dog owners can go on a trip without having to worry about their dogs at home.

Kennel ServiceA dog kennel service, also known as pet boarding, is a great choice for those dog owners that are planning to go to on a vacation but don’t have anyone to take care of their pups. This works like day care for children. You drop off your dog in the morning. It gets to play, socialize, snack, and nap while you’re away. Then, you pick it up at the end of your day. Continue reading

The Secrets of Dog Grooming

Free Grooming Tips from the Specialists Working at Our Dog Day Care Facility

fluffy pomeranian puppyIf you want to keep the coat of your pet healthy, you need to groom it on a daily basis. If you have the right tools, patience, and practice, you can make your pet look amazing.  Pet grooming controls shedding and can help you identify any health problems your pet may have at an early stage. But who will groom your dog when you are away?

There are several dog day care centers in Seattle, WA that offer a daily grooming service. Leave your pet in any of them while you are away, and you can rest assured that your pet will look even better groomed than you have left it. What is the secret? Today, is your lucky day, as the personnel of the local kennel Adorable Pet Lodge will reveal their secrets about how they do the perfect grooming. Continue reading

How to Travel With Your Dog

Kennel Preparation Tips

airline dog kennelAmericans love their pets. In fact, there are over 412 million pets in the US alone. This is their proportion so that you can get a better idea which animals are most favored.

  • Fish 187 million (about 44% of all pets)
  • Cats 96 million (about 23%)
  • Dogs 79 million (about 19%)
  • Other 58 million (about 14%)

When it comes to traveling, between 15 and 19% of all adults have taken their pets with them while traveling during the last three years. According to the department of transportation, over 500,000 pets in the US fly each year. This, of course, is not due to the fact that people do not like spending money on a pet sitter but to the fact that they like to have their pets around them at all times. Continue reading

Top 10 Most Dog Friendly US Cities

Which Are the Best Vacation Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Pet at a Dog Day Care Center?

happy dog running in a green fieldIf you do not want to book dog day care services, but want to travel with your pet at least once, then it will be really useful for you to learn which are the US cities you can take your dog to and spend some really great time together. Check out the TOP 10, Adorable Pet Lodge, of Seattle, WA has prepared for you!

#10 – BOSTON, MA
Get ready to set sail! Take your furry friend along for a ride as you tour the Harbor of Boston with a cruise boat. Very few other towns will offer boat sightseeing with your pet.
The Walt Disney World Park in Orlando, FL offers you an amazing opportunity to ride the rides with ease, while you monitor your pet. This is possible due to the fact that the park offers video-monitored pet boarding, while you are on its territory.
#8 – SAN DIEGO, CA Continue reading

Tips to Help Dogs Find Their Ideal Weight

Pet Overweight Problem Solutions from a Dog Boarding Specialist

Happy dog in a wood deckToday, our dog boarding specialists have decided to speak about one of the most common dog problems: overweight. The sad truth is that many pets get 2 times the food they need, plus treats multiple times a day. As a result, they get vulnerable to various diseases and become more clumsy and inactive in general.

Even just a few excess pounds may compromise a more active, and enjoyable life for pets. Here is a sample of the ideal dog weight for your beloved pet:
German shepherd – 75-95 lbs
Labrador retriever – 65-80 lbs
Beagle – 18-30 lbs
Yorkshire terrier – under 7 lbs Continue reading