The Reliable Dog Boarding Service for Your Pawed Buddy


Dog Boarding Seattle, WAIf you need to go out of town and you have no one to leave your dogs with, do not worry. You can leave your pawed friend with us here in Adorable Pet Lodge. We have been in this industry since 1970. Aside from taking care of different dogs, we also have raised dogs of own. Here are some of the benefits you would get from our dog boarding service:

Our kennels in Seattle, WA are equipped with every dog’s needs. They have enough space for themselves to sit or sleep. They also have a place that is big enough to be able to interact with other dogs. We understand that the environment where the dog is staying plays a great role in its well-being. This is the reason why we make sure our facility is clean, comfortable, and spacious.

With our dog boarding service, your dog would get enough exercise and play. Our trained sitters will make sure they do not just roll around while they are with us. Our sitters will lead them into activities that would encourage them to move around. We find is important to give them their regular exercise and play routine.

We have the right number of staff to take care of the dogs that we have in our care. Our expert sitters will be able to give your dog the right amount of attention it would need. It would not feel left behind while it is under our care. They will be constantly monitored to ensure they are able to eat enough food and get enough rest. We also make sure they are of good health while under our care.

Do not leave your beloved best friend to an untrained person. With our dog boarding service here in Adorable Pet Lodge, you can rest assured your pet is safe, well-fed, and well taken care of. Visit us in our place in Seattle, WA or call us at (206) 242-7480 today.