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Why a Dog Kennel Service Is Important

Have you ever you wanted to go on a vacation but couldn’t because you have a dog? No problem! Thanks to a dog kennel service, your long awaited vacation can become a reality. Dog owners can go on a trip without having to worry about their dogs at home.

Kennel ServiceA dog kennel service, also known as pet boarding, is a great choice for those dog owners that are planning to go to on a vacation but don’t have anyone to take care of their pups. This works like day care for children. You drop off your dog in the morning. It gets to play, socialize, snack, and nap while you’re away. Then, you pick it up at the end of your day.

Some people think that leaving their dog at home in a cage is fine. A few people even believe that this makes the dog feel secure and safe. This practice is not good for several reasons. First, your dog gets no exercise at all. Second, they will lie in their own waste.

Another option many pet owners consider is to leave their dogs in their yards. However, unsupervised dogs will try to find a way to escape. Some may even dig fences, and once your dog is loose, it may get injured or get into all sorts of trouble.

Pet boarding can help meet your dog’s needs for attention, activity, and supervision. They provide a remedy for bored and lonely dogs with busy owners. If your dog enjoys playing with other dogs and the cost is appropriate for your budget, it can be a great option for your home-alone buddy

If you live in Seattle, WA and are looking for someone to take care of your dogs, call Adorable Pet Lodge. They have the right dog kennel facility where they can babysit your pups and give them a home away from home. Call (206) 242-7480 to learn more!