Rely on Our Commendable Kennel Service

Rely on Our Commendable Kennel Service

We all want to have what’s best for our pets. As responsible pet owners, we must not abandon their needs. Instead, we should take care and provide them the basic things like food, water, and shelter. It’s the major reason why Adorable Pet Lodge was built. We provide a better future for your pets in Seattle, WA since 1970. Unlike others, we give complete kennel service for your lovely pets. Here’s what you can expect from this service:

We have a secure premises. We are particular about your pets’ security and protection. We know how playful and curious our pets get, especially when they are new to the place. Hence, we make sure that our kennel is well-secured so, they won’t get lost under our care. We ensure the safety of your pets.

Adorable Pet Lodge
Address: 1043 S 140th St Seattle, WA 98168
Phone: (206) 242-7480

We provide your pets with the basic needs. Aside from your pet’s security, we want to make sure that your pet is healthy and well-maintained. It’s why we supply them every day with healthy foods and vitamins at the right time. We also take them to a bath twice in a week to prevent them from having fleas, ticks, and other external factors. Maintaining their cleanliness is one way where they get to be free from illness or disease.Kennel Service Seattle, WA

We give them basic training. While they are here in our kennel, we give them basic training. We teach them the basic commands and discipline. It’s vital for them so that pets don’t act strangely or wildly while socializing with other pets or people. It’s to assure you that they don’t do crazy stuff in your home.

Whenever you’re out of town, and you have no one to take care of your pets, call Adorable Pet Lodge right ahead. We’ll give them the best pet treatment and kennel service that no one else can offer in Seattle, WA. You can assure comfort and happiness for your pets while you’re away. For more queries, you may contact us at (206) 242-7480.