What Has Made Pet Care Services so Popular These Days?

How a Dog Boarding Service Can Be Beneficial For You and Your Pet

Labrador puppy dog81% of Americans consider their dogs a part of the family. This is why they also give them presents and try to pamper them as much as possible. If you can’t afford a $100,000 pet collar, of course, this does not mean that you cannot pamper your dog. If your dog can’t tag along the upcoming holiday season, consider one of the trendiest and most practical services for dogs today: home dog boarding.

The average dog owner spends about $274 per year on kennel boarding. This is the second highest annual expense for pet owners. If you want to reduce the bill a bit, however, you better consider the option of hiring a home boarding specialist. 23% of dog owners had used kennels, pet sitting, or boarding in the last 6 months , while they were away on a holiday. In fact, 75% of dog owners do not take their pets while they are on a trip, which makes the percentage of people using professional dog day care so high.

Here are our Top 4 reasons why individuals and families prefer dog boarding services to home care:

1. Dogs have fun: Your dog will have regular walks, as well as playtime with other dogs.
2. Homes are better than cages: Your dog will stay in the house of an experienced dog lover.
3. Trusted sitters: A professional pet sitting company can provide you with hand-picked pet sitters, as well as emergency coverage and support.
4. It is affordable: The average dog owner will have to spend 20%-45% less money on home dog boarding than if he leaves his pet in a kennel.

dog running in a fieldIf you want affordable and reliable care for your pet in the comfort of a home environment, you should not hesitate calling Adorable Pet Lodge, at (206) 242-7480. As one of the leading pet sitters in Seattle, WA, we promise to pamper your beloved dog to a maximum extent. Call now and we can even provide you with some recommendations from our previous customers as an extra guarantee. Let us make your dog bark with a smile!