Pet sitter

Not Sure You Can Trust Your Beloved Furry Friend in the Hands of a Pet Sitter?

dogs sitting in front of a houseHere, at Adorable Pet Lodge based in Seattle, WA, we understand pet owners anxiety when they go away either on a long overdue vacation or for business. They don’t think about the good time they will have if they are going on vacation. No, the first thing to cross our clients mind is who will look after their furry friends. Do they trust a pet sitter, or should they put their pets into a kennel. Many years ago before the business even started, I too was in the same situation of who was going to look after my family friend, I tried many kennels. But even though their services were adequate, there was always something missing. This is why I decided to open my own business. I, being a pet owner also, know what my demands are and what high standards I want in my business. All the animals that come into our care are spoilt and cared for like they were my own.

Everyone who works in Adorable Pet Lodge have pets and are all avid animal lovers. This is one of the reasons we have built up a solid reputation and have been in this business since 1970. We understand that many pet owners don’t want their animals to leave the safe confines of their environment, and this is why our pet sitter business is so popular.

However, trust is hard to come by in any business, and many people who come to us for the first time are not willing to have strangers living in their house. So they make use of our boarding service. All our staff will follow strict exercise regimes depending on the owner’s instructions. And playtime is made more fun by using our playground when your pet is housed with us.

Housing your furry friend does not have to break the bank, our prices are competitive, and you will be pleasantly surprised by them.

Some animals require special help such as medications etc. Our staff is fully qualified to administer them, ensuring in the continued health and well being when their owners are away.

So if you live in Seattle, WA or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us on (206) 242-7480 for a better quality service second to none.