A Professional That Can Take Good Care of Your Pets

Positive Traits of a Pet Sitter


 Pet Sitter Seattle, WA, Our pets are one of our stress and frustration relievers, which is why we like to bring them on our trips. Unfortunately, there are times that they will be left all alone in our house. Your pet can still get the same care you gave them by hiring a pet sitter. This is an individual who has a great passion and love for pets. Hire a trustworthy professional that possess the following quality traits.


Has a complete training and education

Just like any other jobs, a caretaker for your pets must also have the proper skills and training. Look for a sitter that has a formal training in handling animals. They are sensitive and can recognize the needs of your pet. They know the different behaviors of pets and how to play with them. A caretaker for your pets should never use physical punishment just to get their attention.


Must be patient

It is normal for pets to be playful, and a pet sitter should know how to handle this behavior. They must be patient enough whenever your pet seems to be restless. Just like a child, animals also misbehave, and the only for them to be cooperative is by giving them rewards like food or toys that they can play with.


Love for pets

The most important trait that a sitter must possess is their great love for animals. This will assure you that your pet is in good hands and is taken care of properly. Having a genuine concern for animals will help them perform the task efficiently.


Before hiring pet caretakers, check first if they possess these positive traits. If you will be out of town and you are looking for someone to take care of your pets, Adorable Pet Lodge is the pet sitter you should trust. They offer their service to clients residing in Seattle, WA. To know more about these professionals, give them a call at (206) 242-7480.