Has Your Child Started to Ask for a Pet?

Pet Day Care Tips on First Pets for Children

Pet Day CareMany people ask our pet day care handlers, what would be a good first pet for a child. Very young children do not always respect the safety of a pet, and could unwittingly harm their pet. Sometimes having a pet already in the house, such as a cat or dog, before a child comes, or getting a pet when a child is an infant is a better way to introduce pets, than waiting until a child is older.

You should also consider pets do have a shorter life span than people, often much shorter. Which means you are introducing your child to dealing with the concept of death, maybe sooner than is necessary. Many children’s first experience with the concept of death is through the death of a first pet; which means you need to choose a pet that has a long life span, so you child is better prepared to deal with the situation when it arises.

For this reason alone, pets such as fish and hamsters are not good first choices. Establishing fish can be somewhat complex, and though their care is easy once you have gotten their water right, some fish will not tolerate changes too well. However, a fish can not be held or cuddled, which means most children are not as attached to it.

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Some people say having a chinchilla is a good first pet. In point of fact, they can be quite nervous creatures, and most will not respond well to young children. Hamsters enjoy being held, however, they do not have a long life span. And some, when mishandled do not have social personalities, plus, they are in fact, nocturnal creatures.

A gerbil has a long life span when compared to a hamster, and are diurnal. Which means they usually play during the day. Rats can be trained, and are extremely intelligent. They can also become attached to their owners and are a cuddlier first pet. They are contrary to popular belief clean creatures, more so when bought from a reputable source.

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