The Secrets of Dog Grooming

Free Grooming Tips from the Specialists Working at Our Dog Day Care Facility

fluffy pomeranian puppyIf you want to keep the coat of your pet healthy, you need to groom it on a daily basis. If you have the right tools, patience, and practice, you can make your pet look amazing.  Pet grooming controls shedding and can help you identify any health problems your pet may have at an early stage. But who will groom your dog when you are away?

There are several dog day care centers in Seattle, WA that offer a daily grooming service. Leave your pet in any of them while you are away, and you can rest assured that your pet will look even better groomed than you have left it. What is the secret? Today, is your lucky day, as the personnel of the local kennel Adorable Pet Lodge will reveal their secrets about how they do the perfect grooming.
1. Assemble your tools.

Our vets know which tools work best for dog grooming. This depends on the coat of your pets, its length, type, and thickness. Grooming a dog often requires even more than one brush and a comb.

2. Be gentle and brush often.

Regular brushing is necessary in order to remove dirt and dead hair from the coat of your pet, which prevents tangling and matting. When you do the brushing yourself, try to be as gentle as possible. Use a special brush to deal with mats instead of pulling on the hair, as this could be a painful experience for your pet.

3. Bathing your pet.

When bathing your pet, the specialists of our dog kennel do not only prepare towels and shampoo but also treats in order to keep your dog still in the bath filled with lukewarm water. Once the pet is wet, we use spray bottle to evenly apply the shampoo. If your pet resists the thorough rinse, we give it a treat. Once your pet gets used to this experience, you will not have any problems to do it yourself.

4. Trimming nails and cleaning ears.

These are all activities that are recommended to be done after a bath when your pet is relaxed. Do not do it quick or use force as this will not help!

If you need some additional tips, our dog day care center will be happy to provide them for you at (206) 242-7480!