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How to Travel With Your Dog

Kennel Preparation Tips

airline dog kennelAmericans love their pets. In fact, there are over 412 million pets in the US alone. This is their proportion so that you can get a better idea which animals are most favored.

  • Fish 187 million (about 44% of all pets)
  • Cats 96 million (about 23%)
  • Dogs 79 million (about 19%)
  • Other 58 million (about 14%)

When it comes to traveling, between 15 and 19% of all adults have taken their pets with them while traveling during the last three years. According to the department of transportation, over 500,000 pets in the US fly each year. This, of course, is not due to the fact that people do not like spending money on a pet sitter but to the fact that they like to have their pets around them at all times. Continue reading