Tips to Help Dogs Find Their Ideal Weight

Pet Overweight Problem Solutions from a Dog Boarding Specialist

Happy dog in a wood deckToday, our dog boarding specialists have decided to speak about one of the most common dog problems: overweight. The sad truth is that many pets get 2 times the food they need, plus treats multiple times a day. As a result, they get vulnerable to various diseases and become more clumsy and inactive in general.

Even just a few excess pounds may compromise a more active, and enjoyable life for pets. Here is a sample of the ideal dog weight for your beloved pet:
German shepherd – 75-95 lbs
Labrador retriever – 65-80 lbs
Beagle – 18-30 lbs
Yorkshire terrier – under 7 lbs

To maintain the weight of your dog within this limits you must make sure that your pet does not accept more calories than it is supposed to. This will help you control its food portions better:
Daily caloric needs:
– 10 lb dog – 200-275 calories
– 20 lb dog – 325-400 calories
– 50 lb dog – 700-900 calories

Tips to help your dogs find their healthy weight:

1. If you cannot easily feel your dog’s ribs this means it may be overweight.
2. Check the nutritional label. All the ingredients should be wholesome and natural.
3. Measure out your dog’s food and calculate the calories according to the information, listed above. This will help you avoid overserving.
4. Bear in mind the calories and nutrients received from daily treats and rewards, in order to subtract them from the daily caloric needs of your pet.
5. Substitute low-calorie treats like Lickety stick or vegetables instead of calorie laden treats.

For more detailed information about a dog’s healthy diet you can consult Adorable Pet Lodge’s dog boarding specialists at (206) 242-7480. We are ready to help all members of the local Seattle, WA community breed their dogs according to all animal health standards.