Top 10 Most Dog Friendly US Cities

Which Are the Best Vacation Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Pet at a Dog Day Care Center?

happy dog running in a green fieldIf you do not want to book dog day care services, but want to travel with your pet at least once, then it will be really useful for you to learn which are the US cities you can take your dog to and spend some really great time together. Check out the TOP 10, Adorable Pet Lodge, of Seattle, WA has prepared for you!

#10 – BOSTON, MA
Get ready to set sail! Take your furry friend along for a ride as you tour the Harbor of Boston with a cruise boat. Very few other towns will offer boat sightseeing with your pet.
The Walt Disney World Park in Orlando, FL offers you an amazing opportunity to ride the rides with ease, while you monitor your pet. This is possible due to the fact that the park offers video-monitored pet boarding, while you are on its territory.
If you want to cool off from the hot summer days with a day at the beach, do not be afraid to bring your dog with you! Dogs are welcome around many public beaches of San Diego.
Here you can also go sightseeing with your dog, as you can ride the city’s most famous cable car attraction around town, to the port, with your dog.
#6 – Chicago, IL – It’s amazing! There you can take your dog even to a ball game! The Chicago White Sox welcome all four legged fans to enjoy this great game right next to their owners.

The city’s Central Park offers a huge territory for your dog to explore. In addition to this, you can take your canine companion on a horse-drawn carriage ride there.

In Austin, you don’t need a leash for your pet, as it offers a lot of leash-free parks where your pet can run around, without being limited.
If you need to go shopping but you do not want to look for a dog sitter during your vacation in that town, you can bring your dog with you. Seattle offers hundreds of pet-related businesses.
The town is known for its outdoor parks and you can also bring your dog at many of the city’s hiking trails.
And the winner in our countdown is Portland, because the city can really offer a lot of fun vacation activities for pets and their owners. Along with its many dog-friendly parks and dining, a local brewery even welcomes dogs on their beer tour.

If you are heading towards any other destination, especially if you do not use your own transport, you will, unfortunately, have to leave your dog at home. If you do not want to do this, you can always turn to our dog day care center by calling (206) 242-7480, and we will make sure to accommodate your pet and take great care of it while you are away. We know how to pamper pets and make them feel comfortable at our canine!